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International Journal of Social Science and Humanity, Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2011

Factors Influencing eWOM Effects: Using Experience,
Credibility, and Susceptibility
Cheol Park, Yao Wang, Ying Yao, and You Rie Kang
online review influencing shopping decision to research the
eWOM effect in China now. And this study chose three
factors of online costumers to examine: first, using
experience of eWOM; Second, perceived eWOM credibility;
Third, customer susceptibility to interpersonal influence
(CSII), to find out and analysis the most important factors
which affect eWOM effect. And also we will examine the
mediate effect of perceived eWOM credibility and using
experience of eWOM.

Abstract— Electronic Word-of-mouth(eWOM) is important
information affecting consumers’ online buying. This study examined factors influencing eWOM effects in China. We
developed a structural model of eWOM effects including
customer susceptibility to interpersonal influence (CSII), using experience of eWOM , perceived eWOM credibility, and
eWOM effects. As results of 209 survey data analysis, CSII
influences using experience of eWOM , perceived eWOM
credibility, and the eWOM effects, and using experience of
eWOM influences perceived eWOM credibility and eWOM
effects, and perceived eWOM credibility influences eWOM
effects. Implication of the study and further research are
Index Terms - eWOM effect; Using experience of eWOM;
Perceived eWOM credibility

eWOM or word-of-mouse is basically the extension of
traditional WOM on the Internet. eWOM activities differ
from those in the real world in many aspects. In the marketing literature WOM communication is "oral, person-to-person
communication between a receiver and a communicator
whom the receiver perceives as noncommercial, regarding a
brand, a product, a service or a provider" [1]. But, eWOM is about a kind of communication on the internet platform, but
not by face to face or by oral.
The arrival and expansion of the Internet has extended
consumers' options for gathering product information by
including other consumers' comments posted on the Internet,
and has provided consumers opportunities to offer their own
consumption-related advices by engaging in electronic
word-of mouth (eWOM) [14]. As the development of
Internet usage in China, Chinese costumers tend to gather
information through Internet, especially eWOM, as many
developed country’s customers do.
The wide dissemination of eWOM communications and
the high level of acceptance by consumers suggest that
eWOM exerts considerable influence on consumer buying
and communication behavior, and, consequently, on the
success of products sale in the market [29]. This is a huge
change about internet shopping in the minds of Chinese
customers, therefore, online firms should think about eWOM
deeply to create the profit in this new era.
Customer-to-customer know-how exchange, a specific
form of eWOM, has a direct relationship with loyalty
intentions, as well as an indirect relationship mediated
through the overall value of the firm's offering. [13] Besides, as the market of Internet shopping growing up recently,
eWOM takes a much more important role around the value
chain of China’s Internet shopping.
In the researches about eWOM, online consumer reviews
used to be seen as an important source of eWOM
communication [25]. So the subject of the study will be set as

The number of online shopping users of China in 2009
(87,880,000) is almost 3 times as in 2004. The Internet is
changing the nature and power of Word-Of-Mouth (WOM)
communications and the directions and volume of
communications among the firm and consumers [32, 33, 34].
The Internet provides a much better way for consumers to
gather product information and consumption-related advice
from other consumers by electronic WOM (eWOM) like
online review [14]. When it comes to factors affecting online shopping decision in China, 43.3% of online shopping users
chose “Online Review” as the important factor ,while 34.7% chose “friends’ suggestion” [8]. So Online Review is more important factor affecting online shopping could be
recognized easily.
Online review is an main source of eWOM communication
[25, 5, 16], which become an important means of marketing
communication because many consumers search for online
reviews as the first step for purchasing online [23]. Online review, as the eWOM source, plays a very important role for
shoppers’ online behavior. And about the frequency of using online review in China, 41.1% of online shopping users read
reviews every time they buy goods online. Another 26% said
that they often read reviews. China’s consumers’ intention to share their own information online is not that generally
learned until now, but most of the sharing consumers tend to use online review as a channel (63.8%), and they also like to use blog(27%), bbs(21%), shopping site(17%), portal
site(15%) to share the specific information [8].
The main purpose of this study is through investigate about
Manuscript received December 9, 2010.
Cheol Park is with the School of Business Administration, Korea University, Sejong, 339-700, Korea(phone: +82-19-520-2281; fax: +82-41-860-1507; e-mail: [email protected]
Yao Wang, Ying Yao, and Yu Rir Kang are with Dept. of Digital Management, Korea University, Seoul, Korea.


International Journal of Social Science and Humanity, Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2011

H1: CSII influences the eWOM effect positively.

the online customer review in this paper.
eWOM Effect

Using experience of online reviews and eWOM effect

In general, consumers find it important to hear the
opinions of others while (or before) making purchase
decisions. They talk and discuss their purchase intentions
with family members, relatives, friends, and on the Internet. As a result, receivers are most likely influenced in their
decision-making because they interact and communicate
with others. Research activities that have investigated this process of interpersonal influence in the traditional context address, among other things, reference group influence [3, 4] and the effects of eWOM [6, 26]. And we tend ...

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