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13 Hs Case Studies Of Disabled Essay

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Case Study High School Student with Hearing Impairment
(Harting, 2001)

Directions: Review the information in the case study. Develop a plan for each student for their inclusion in general education classes and effective learning.

Susan is a seventeen-year-old student with a hearing impairment in the eleventh grade. She has a moderate-to-severe hearing loss. She has difficulty in the areas of vocabulary and language skills and needs support to participate in class and complete assigned academic tasks. She misinterprets information and does not ask for help/clarification. She has difficulty in the area of conflict resolution and needs to continue developing problem-solving skills. She was originally placed in a center program for HI and at the parent’s request was transferred to her home school at the ninth grade level. She refuses to wear an FM system and relies solely on her hearing aids. Susan has difficulty understanding the content of the teacher’s instructions and often misinterprets what is said. She may do an assignment incorrectly or become so frustrated that she is unable to begin or work on a task. When she feels angry she shuts out others...

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