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13 Reasons Why Essay

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Thirteen Reasons Why
13 reasons why is a story about Hannah Baker, a high school student who committed suicide because of bullying, a very serious problem with schools today that needs to be stopped. No one saw it coming, no one expected it. before she committed suicide, Hannah left behind thirteen recorded messages that explained the thirteen reasons why she killed herself; the reasons to why she was driven over the edge. Each of these messages were copied to tape, each side of the tape had one of the characters on it. justin,alex,jessica,tyler,cortney,marcus,zack,Ryan,clay,jenny,brice, and Mr.Porter are all the people that were on the taps, and are all the people who caused Hannah to kill herself. i think justin might have been the one to effect hannah the most. He was her first kiss. in a way he started everything. without justin the rumors would have never spread, or maybe it was marcus who impacted Hannah’s life the most. in the book it says, “and i couldn’t look away as your fingertips caressed my knee… and started moving up”. (Page 142). This is what Hannah said as marcus moved his hand up her leg. he was the first person to have ever done that. marcus touched Hannah without her permission, without any sign of her wanting him to do that ...

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