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13 Reasons Why Review Essay

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13 Reasons Why Critical Review

The plot of Thirteen Reasons Why consisted of a girl named Hannah Baker; who over a course of three years undergone many conflicts that led to her suicide. The twist to this high school teen’s suicide story is she recorded her last moments on audiotapes. She had everything planned out from the start. Where each tape would go, what order, and a map; so they could visit exactly where each event had occurred. On those tapes Hannah talked about thirteen people and their effect on her. All the people listed on Hannah’s tapes had negatively affected her in some way except the twelfth person. The twelfth person was Clay Jensen.

Clay was someone who was in Hannah’s life from the beginning. Even though Hannah and Clay never spoke until the end, he was always there. When Clay received a box of tapes with no return address his first thought was how was he going to listen to them. When he remembered his friend had a Walkman to play the tapes on.

As Clay began listening to the tapes he questioned what he had done to Hannah that would include him on the list. This was a common question from Clay throughout the book. As he listened to a dead girl’s voice he became more and more interested in Hannah’s story and what had happened to her. But Clay wanted more information about how she was feeling. So he followed the stars marked on th...

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