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13 Vocabbook P49 52 Essay

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Useful words and phrases
Hong Kong’s skyline has changed a lot over the years.
There are many skyscrapers in Hong Kong.
Time difference(n.)
Time zone(n.)
Jet lag(n.)
There is no time difference between Hong Kong and Beijing.
London and Hong Kong are in different time zones.
Janice is still suffering from the jet lag after coming back from New York. Tourist(n.)

Tourism( n.)
Tourist trap(n.)
The government is discussing ways to attract more tourists to Hong Kong. Tourism is an important source of revenue in Hong Kong.
Tourists should be aware of tourist traps where prices might be much higher than they should be. Transport(n.)

Food and supplies will be transported by helicopters to the area hit by the earthquake. Public transportation systems in Hong Kong are cheap and efficient. Travel(v.)


Travel agent/travel agency(n.)
Travel sickness(n.)
I have traveled to many different places, but I like Hong Kong the most. Most experienced travellers know what to do in case of emergenci...

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13 52 6 accept act adj admiss advers advic affect affection age agenc agent/travel aggriev agj agreement aid anti anti-discrimin apolog appli approach area around arrang attack/abuse attitud attract authoris awar back base beij benefit bias bind book case chang cheap circumst citi civil claim code come commiss common compensation/financial complain complaint conceit concili confidenti conserv contempt court cultur cup deni depart differ difficulti digniti disabl discrimin discriminatori discuss district disturb divers dynam earli earthquak effici elig elimin emancip emerg emot employ enact enter environ equal euitabl experienc facil famili famous favour femal fli food forens form formal foundat function gender/sex genuin good govern grace graduat ground handl harass hate hatr helicopt help higher hit hong hostil hotel human humili immedi imparti import incit indirect individu inher intimid investig janic jet job job-rel ken know kong lack lag languag last lawyer learn leav legal less like lodg london loss lot macau male manag mani marit matern matter member mental might million mind monetari morn mosqu much must mutual n near new night oblig occup offend offic officer/conciliator one open open-mind opportun ordin organis p49 paid partial pay peak penal peopl period person personnel phr phrase place plane portray practic prefer pregnanc prejud prevent price pride procedur proceed provis public qualif race/racial/ethnic recept refus reinstat relat relev religi remov repres requir respect respond revenu ridicul right school segreg servic settl settlement sexual shoe sick skill skylin skyscrap societi sourc statement status statutori still substanc suffer suit suppli suspici sympathet system templ term ticket time today toler total tourism tourist train transport trap travel treat trial tribun trip unit unjustifi unlaw us use v verbal verifi vicious victim view viewer visit visitor vocabbook vote watch way wit word world year york zone 不利 人事部門 人權 以權利為本的模式 佊此接受的協議 使人受害 保守及守舊的 保密 充滿憎恨的 公平 公正的 公民權利 具有法律約束力的 冒犯 分娩假 分娩福利 制定平等機會 區別 區域法院 協議 反對歧視 受委屈的人 可疑的 同工同酬 善於接受的 嘲諷 基於 女性 委託代表 婚姻狀況 存有偏見的 學習困難 宗教歧視 家庭崗位歧視 容忍及寬恕的 實務守則 審裁處 寬限期 尊嚴 尊重人的 工作歧視 工作的內在要求 平等機會 平等機會主任 平等機會委員會 年齡歧視 律師 得到較差的侍遇 復職 思想開明的 性別歧視 性騷擾 恐嚇 情緒上的困擾 惡劣的環境 惡意的 感到受侮辱 懲罰 懷孕 懷孕歧視 投票資格 拒絕入場 拒絕錄用 提出 提早調解 文化上的多樣性 有同情心的 有成見 核實 條例 樂於容納 殘疾歧視 民事訴訟 法定條文 法庭技巧 法庭聆訊 法律代表 法律基礎 法律意見 法律援助 法律訴訟 消除 溫柔親切的 無充分理由的 煽動仇恨 申訴 申訴者 男性 直系家庭成員 相關情況 真正的職業資格 種族歧視 答辯人 管理層 缺乏實質性 自豪 自負的 與工作相關 良好管理常規 處理程序 被描繪為 要求 解放 解決 言語上的攻擊 設施及服務的提供 語言歧視 調查 調解 調解人 調解員 證人 證供 貨品 責任 身體機能全部或局部喪失 近親 道歉 適用 鄙視 金錢賠償 間接歧視 防止 隔離 非法的