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English 1000C
November 30, 2013
NYPD Stop and Frisk Laws: The Inevitable Reform
New York City being one of the original immigration destinations for people immigrating to the United States should represent freedom; it should be a land of equality where an individual’s race will not hold them back and they will not be judged upon their accent or ethnicity; isn’t that the whole idea of the United States? If all of this is true, it makes no sense how the New York Police Department is allowed to use such intrusive, abusive, and embarrassing tactics such as Stop and Frisk. Being an average white suburban teen, I haven’t personally seen the effects of Stop and Frisk on a first hand account but to me it is clear that these practices are a problem. Stop and Frisk practices are associated with illegal stops, racial profiling, and violating privacy rights, the worst part is that this is all caused by the people who are supposed to be protecting citizens, the police, reform is detrimental for the future of New York City. For anyone unaware of Stop and Frisk Laws, they pretty much give police officers the right to stop whomever they deem as suspicious. After stopping an individual with little to no evidence of any crime stop and frisk gives police officers the right to question them and search them for weapons and other sorts of contraband. This leaves a lot of room for error due to the fact that police officers receive no extra training to help them decide who is or is not suspicious looking(Mathias). I couldn’t have put it better than one of my peers who answered one of the questions on my survey sa...

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