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Research in Biotechnology, 4(3): 38-42, 2013

ISSN: 2229-791X 

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Biotechnology: A way to Control Environmental
Pollution by Alternative Lubricants
Amit Kumar Jain* and Amit Suhane
Department of Mechanical Engineering, M.A.N.I.T, Bhopal, MP, India *Corresponding author email: [email protected]
Environmental concerns are gaining lot of interest due to increasing environmental pollution. Pollution is caused from various sources like fuel, lubricants, industrial waste, chemicals, noise etc. One of the major source of pollution is lubricant as it directly affect the environment when it is handled improperly, as lubricants from petroleum based oils have very poor biodegradability and also have high toxicity. Environmental pollution can be controlled by the use of biotechnology in the field of alternative lubricants from different available biomass. The current paper deals with the ways of reducing the environmental pollution by various alternative resources. Keywords: Alternative lubricants, Renewable resources, Non edible vegetable oil, Environment, Pollution.

Environment: In simple words environment
is defined as “All the human, animal and
plant lives or a function in surroundings is
known as environment.” Environment also
comprises of water, air, soil etc. From the
definition it is very clear that a healthy and
clean environment is very important for all
the living being. Environment is disturbed
by any substances which affect or change
the proper functioning of environment;
these substances are generally termed as
pollutants. These pollutants are of various
types and have various harmful effects,
which can highly affect the environment
and causes various types of problems to all
types of living beings existing in the
Pollution: Pollution is a very serious matter
now a days as it is highly affecting the
normal working of environment and
causing various types of harmful effects on
the living beings and there functioning. The
term pollution is described as “The

presence of very harmful or poisonous
substances, which causes ill effect on the
environment and its functioning, is known
as pollution.” (Melissa Mayntz, 2013) The
substance which causes pollution is known
as pollutants. Pollutants may be anything
which has harmful effect on the
Pollution is of several types’ likes’
water pollution, air pollution, noise
pollution, soil pollution etc. There are
various sources of air, water and soil
pollution but one of the major sources of
these types of pollution is lubricants from
petroleum based oils due to their poor
biodegradability and high t...

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