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130 Foot Awning Kills A Firefighter Essay

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My research project is about a 130-foot awning collapsing and killing a firefighter and injuring his Chief. I’ve got a couple of sources, but none for some reason say the exact location where this happened. All I was able to find was that the incident took place in Texas.

The building on fire was a one story class-III commercial building, and it was built in the early 1960s’. It was made of concrete block and poured in concrete walls. The building was 45 feet wide by 130 feet long and had about 5800 feet of floor space. The building was divided into 5 different store areas (shopping center). The front wall had large plate windows and doorways to enter the businesses. The north side if the building was made of stacked concrete blocks and bricks. The east and south walls were poured in concrete, and the majority of the rear wall were below grade. In the front of the building there was a triangular shaped awning that was made of 2X4 lumber, plywood sheeting, and it was covered by asphalt shingles that extends to through front. The awning measured about 6’ 8’’ by 6’ 8’’ by 9 feet. It was connected to 18 in steel beams that extended end to end above the doors and windows of the businesses. The building’s roof was flat made of plywood 2X4’s and tar above it. The whole building from floor to the top of the awning was about 16 feet. To support the roof it had open-web pin-connected trusses. The top and bottom chords of the trusses were made of lumber. The metal webs were made of metal tubing about an inch in diameter. The only thing on top of the roof was an air-conditioner that was on the north end of the building. There weren’t any fire walls separating the different buildings. The building was separated into 3 different areas on the north part it was an appliance selling place, the middle of the building was an office made by the owner to keep track of all his buildings, and the south of the building was a laundry cleaners, but it wasn’t open so the owner used it to keep roofing material and supplies. The NIOSH report says that the building fire had started in the office part of the building in the venting system, and that maybe that’s why it hurried the proce...

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