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A study of how to increase market share of Chinese mobile phone companies: a study of Xiaomi Programme
Michael McElvaney Catarina Von Maydell
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Research Proposal

A study of how to increase market share of Chinese mobile phone companies: a study of Xiaomi

Student Number: QI-13-0007
Proposer: Zhangqian (David)
Group: Orange

20 February 2013

Research Proposal

A study of how to increase market share of Chinese mobile phone companies: A study of Xiaomi


Xiaomi is an emerging mobile phone company in China. It has grown unbelievablely fast since 2010. In 2011 the revenue of Xiaomi was 6 billion RMB, but in 2012 this figure increased to12 billion. In 2013 revenue reached 31.6 billion RMB. However, when it comes to market share, there is a problem.

Table 1.1 Market shares of Chinese mobile phones

Hua Wei
Xiao Mi

As table 1.1 shows, Xiaomi’s market share growth is slower than its main competitors. When Xiaomi appeared, mainly it had a big impact on Chinese low price mobile phone market because of the high cost performance. Xiaomi’s competitors such as ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei began to focus on this part of the market. There are two advantages of their products. First, they introduced many new mobile phones which have a lower price than Xiaomi’s products. Second, some of their products are easier ...

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