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English 1301.06 Link2Success
Spring 2014

This is a working document and subject to change. This course is a Link2Success (L2S) class with study sessions built in to the class schedule.

Instructor: Elizabeth Gill Vidaurri


Instructor’s Office:
Sabal (formerly UBCB) 2.410
Office (956) 882-8844
[email protected]
Office Hours:
MWF 9-10am , TT: 8:55-9:25
Other hours by appointment
Contact Methods:
You may contact me using any of the information shown above. Please feel free to reach me if you have any questions regarding content, if you need clarification, or would like assistance. UNIVERSITY POLICIES

Link2Success Syllabus Statement
Instructor Addendum
This First Year Writing course, a general education requirement, is designed to help students become independent, academic writers who are part of the academic conversation. Because the academic essay is the vehicle for becoming part of this conversation, students will produce much writing--four to eight essays of varying organizational complexity about what we read, including visual texts.

Our essays usually use the common academic model of summary/response. This is a thesis driven essay of four to seven paragraphs (450 words or more). This type of essay requires careful and responsible documentation and incorporation of sources, so computer literacy, library, and Internet and research skills will be increased and refined.

In composing these essays, we will follow rhetorical theory grounded in the idea that writing is a recursive process. We will apply the writing process to produce essays which respond to texts we also read analytically as a recursive process rather than a one time event. This approach to reading facilitates our goal of producing academic essays about what we read. We then will use the Writing Process, which emphasizes the stages of writing that successful college writers use.

I will expect to see each stage of these processes, and every draft and redraft, including the final draft in your Writer’s Portfolio. We will especially rely on the Peer Review Process, which is embedded in our Writing Process, as an important step to becoming independent academic writers.

Over Overall, the objective is to become a more effective, independent academic writer. By the end of the course writers should be able to successfully demonstrate ability to:

Write a thesis-driven, well developed theme aimed at particular audience Recognize how a selection connects to the human experience and to personal experience Read closely a selection for meaning, context, structure, audience, occasion, and rhetorical strategies Understand and use rhetorical and literary terminology

Accurately summarize, paraphrase, and quote authors of selected pieces using MLA format (APA with permission). Successfully integrate sources’ ideas into essays using MLA or APA citations and Works Cited Use the library and Internet responsibly and effectively

Work cooperatively and collaboratively with peers to examine and judge your writing, the writing of your peers, the quality of sources, and the responsible use of these sources. Recognize and practice academic standards

Think creatively and critically
Demonstrate computer literacy.

Intellectual competencies, including critical thinking, are integrated into each of the assignments. At any time during this course I encourage writers to question what skill an assignment or teaching technique is designed to teach.

Nadell, Judith, John Langan, and Eliza A. Comodromos. The Longman Reader. Brief 10th ed. Boston: Pearson. 2013. ISBN-13: 987-0-205-84278-0.

MLA Handbook for Writer’s of Research Papers. 7th ed. New York: Modern Language Association, 2009. ISBN 978-1-60329-024-1

Online alternative for MLA Handbook is

For text book pricing information use your course and section number or text ISBN in the UTB bookstore at EVALUATION/ASSESSMENT [TOP]
As a Link2Success course, attendance and participation in L2S study sessions is mandatory and 10% of students’ grade.

Students will be assessed on ability to write effectively during timed writings in class and to produce improved drafts. In-class writing production is a required skill of academic writers, but outside writing is also assigned and required to achieve more effective drafts Par...

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