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1301 U2 L1 2014 Fl Hist 1301 Essay

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History 1301
U.S. to 1877
Unit 2 - Lecture 1

The American Revolution

The American Revolution:

• Traditional military (

Toward the Declaration:
• Americans were fighting to preserve their
way of life and conception of” political
reality” – not gain it.

– 100K copies sold, many distributed, in few
– British “oppression” the root cause of colonial
– New relationship needed between governors
and governed
– America has a “special purpose and mission”
– “American Exceptionalism”

• Declaration approved on the 4th July 1776
– Explanation & “ mission statement” to America
and World
• Drew heavily on Virginia Bill of Rights –
June 1776
• Contract theory of John Locke
• Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness

Unit 2 Lecture 1

Hollinger 1301


United States of America:

– Each state interpreted issues expressed in the
Declaration differently i.e. MA “free and equal”
meant no slavery
– 1781 all former colonies had written
constitutions as “sovereign states”

• Colonies work together under Articles of
Confederation 1777 (Treaty of Cooperation)
– Weak Executive
– No taxing authority
– Supposedly coordinated the “sovereign States” in
matters of joint concern.
– Reflected war against a centralized, strong

Unit 2 Lecture 1

Hollinger 1301


War Aims ~ Hearts and Minds:

– Keep important economic centers from British
– Rid the colonies of British forces
– Resist long enough for British political
opposition to gain power

• British War Aims – quash resistance and
re-assert their control:
– Formulate new relationship of control by
facilitating “Loyalists” to re-assert (?) their
– Make Americans good citizens
– Destroy the rebel army
– Show Americans continued resistance was

Unit 2 Lecture 1

Hollinger 1301


Relative Advantages:

• Relationship with Indians / Slavery

– Disadvantages:

Motivation of soldiers & ease of desertion
Seen as foreigners by Americans
Long logistic lines and costs / tied to coast
French hatred
Military leadership motivation, attitude

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