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Cognitive templates. Social cognition theory states that people require and use these patterns and assumptions to construct their view of social reality.

Concealment- According to Buller and Burgoon, in this deceit strategy, the communicator hides a secret, does not disclose all the information.

Stage of hassling Stages of aggressive communication; starting with repartee’ and potentially escalating to physiological outburst.

Equivocation According to Buller and Burgoon, in this deceit strategy, the communicator phrases the message in a way that dodges the issue.

Double bind Theory. Puts the other person in a “catch 22” position; contradictory messages from a significant other can, in extreme cases, produce schizophrenia.

Life Positions. “I’m not OK; you’re OK” is an example of a what?

Trust According to Millar and Rogers, the elements that make up this key interpersonal factor are vulnerability, confidence, and reward dependability.

Confirming. These communication patterns include warm, trusting, supportive, descriptive and equality-oriented statements.

Social Exchange This theory (Roloff) focuses on how communicators weigh costs and rewards as a basis for maintaining interpersonal relationships.

Constructivism This theory states that people make sense of their world by seeing themselves and others as members of groups; vital to self-concept.

Meta Perspective. An indirect communication perspective (Laing), expressed, e.g., as “I think you love the Rockets!”

Self Disclosure Involving risk and trust, this form of communication, when effective, is reciprocal, incremental and takes into account the ability of the other person to handle the information.

Rhetorical reflectors Individuals who adapt their messages to suit the orientation of the listeners - even if it means compromising their own values.

Archetype. According to the coordinated management of meaning (Pearce and Cronen), this concept refers to the person’s image of “how things are.”

_Life Scripts. According to the coordinated management of meaning (Pearce and Cronen), this concept refers to “episodes that are consistent with the self-concept.”

Falsification. According to Buller and Burgoon, in this deceit strategy, the communicator avoids the truth by creating a fiction.

Equivocation. According to Buller and Burgoon, in this deceit strategy, the communicator simply dodges the issue in order to avoid the truth.

2. According to Schutz, describe the three interpersonal needs that characterize all people? 3 interpersonal needs are inclusion, control and affection -Inclusion- is the need felt by the person to have a satisfactory relationship with others ( to feel part of a group) This could be an under social –a loner or an over social –who is excessively involved. The psychotic has a distorted view of social relationship. CONTROL- The person’s need to affect and have power over others and self. The abdicrat relinquishes power. The autocrat needs lots of power. The democrat has a balance. The psychopath has a distorted view of power. Affection-The measure of the degree of love needed and expressed by a person. The under personal individual is non touching and generally perceived cold by others. The over personal engages in much touching behavior and likely violates interpersonal distance. The personal individuals demonstrate a healthy balance sense of affection while the neurotic is excessively needy so much that is hard to meet this person‘s need for love.

3. According to transactional analysis, what...

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