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130293 Vu Hong Ngoc Essay

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Table of Contents
I. Introduction: 3
II. Analyze marketing concept’s elements: 3
1. Knowing consumer’s demand and current situation: 3
2. Making marketing strategy: 3
3. Developing plans and programs: 4
4. Building bonds with customers: 4
5. Gain profit from providing benefit: 5
III. Marketing orientation: 5
- Benefit: 5
- Risks that company might have: 6
IV. Example: Baby, the star’s shine bright! 6
History 6
Strategy 6
Result 6
 Benefit gain 6
 Hardness 7
V. Conclusion: 7

I. Introduction:
In this assignment, I will report about all the elements that make up the marketing process and the advantages and limitation of a marketing concept along with example to analyze.

II. Analyze marketing concept’s elements:

1. Knowing consumer’s demand and current situation:
Marketing process first step is about finding out the demand of customer and to analyze the environment that the businesses are in. This is a truly basic step of starting the sequence: because it is said that marketing could be understood as a series of operations taken in order to make customer satisfied and gain value from them, so before meeting customer’s satisfaction, company ought to know what buyer demand to have so it can be sure to provide suitable product. Knowing what need supplying, company will make marketing offerings, which include not only product but also service and other stuffs, base on that. Business should get attention on this step, because they may get involve in marketing myopia easily if they aren’t careful. There are companies make this mistake as they focus mainly on bringing the best out of the products while what they should concentrate on is what buyers want of those products.

2. Making marketing strategy:
As to provide the right things for aimed people with the acceptable price, the business, or more specific, the marketer of the company need to find out how can the companies’s product attract the customers. It’s not just about making the products stand out in design or quality only but to create customer’s desire to own those products. To manage to do that, marketing management must point out who would be served and what to serve to bring the satisfaction to customers and define the company from the competitors. Ea...

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