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Question 1
1.3 Identify the major deliverables associated with a project. Give an overview of the project and create a WBS (see question 3.1; will be using as an example)
The South African Cricket Board (SACB) has a yearly domestic tournament with 6 teams playing 10 games each. SACB had an agreement with their key title sponsor ending 2018. For the last 4 years Sunfoil being the key sponsor has done aggressive re-branding, but ticket sales are poor. SACB would like to aggressively rebrand and promote their domestic cricket series to attract and sell the series to prospective sponsors.

The Major Deliverables in this case is to do research into current market trends; creating a new branding strategy and creating a sales team/pitch to sell to prospective sponsors. Domestic Cricket Rebranding



Micro/Macro Environment

Market Research

Graphic Design

Advertising Agency

Sales Pitch
PowerPoint Presentation


1.2 Identify the different approaches to the WBS
Using Guidelines – If guidelines exist it is very important ...

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