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Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) is a company with its subsidiaries, researchers and develops, manufacture and sell different product in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has a good performance in market share with 1.24% change in yearly market share price. But (JnJ) has the high number of competitors such as Novartis AG (NVS), Pfizer (PFE), and others. It may affect the share price of Johnson and Johnson. Blackberry limited is the organization provides wireless communication solutions in the worldwide. The company also offers development platform that allows others software developers to build and customise the Blackberry smartphones. Blackberry has two large companies which are Apple Inc and Samsung, this cause blackberry’s share price to fall. Expected Return and Annualised Mean return

Expected return is the probabilities distribution which derives measurement for both the reward for the investment. It is used to average the price of securities. The data of Johnson & Johnson and Blackberry is found from We used adjusted close to estimate monthly return of two companies. For example, (JnJ)’s December 2013 adjusted price compare with previous months, (88.5 / 91.47)-1 = -0.0325,while Blackberry result is (7.44 / 6.33) – 1 = 0.1754. After that, calculate the average return of (JnJ) and Mattersight Corporation by adding return, JnJ’s average return is (-0.0325+ 0.0294 + 0.0683 +……. )/60 = 0.0109. Average ...

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+1 -0.0025 -0.0108 -0.0325 -0.045 -0.1301 -0.2018 -0.6505 -1 -50 /0.2 /60 /investor/pubs/assetallocation.htm.[accessed /q/co?s=jnj+competitors.[accessed /q/pr?s=bbry+profile.[accessed /q?s=nvs.[accessed /q?s=pfe. /viewpoints/guide-to-diversification. 0 0.00 0.0072 0.0109 0.026 0.0294 0.0431 0.0683 0.078 0.1 0.1076 0.1144 0.1238 0.1307 0.13656 0.1464 0.1495 0.1754 0.1884 0.275 0.3 0.4261 0.4477 0.5523 0.6528 0.6534 0.922 0.974 06528 1 1.00 1.24 1/n-1 100 12 1308 150 2 20 2013 2015 30 5 6.33 60 7.44 88.5 91.47 abl accept access ad adjust affect ag alloc allow also annualis appl asset assum averag base bbri blackberri boost build calcul cannot capit caus chang choic choos close coeffici combin communic compani compar competitor conclus continu corpor correl covari current customis data decemb defin degre depend deriv determin develop deviat differ direct distribut diversif divid dot draw due e earn effici elimin enough estim exampl excess expect express fall[accessed[accessed[accessed find found free frontier furthermor give given good got hedg help high higher highest hold howev idea identifi improv inc indic individu industri interv introduct invest investor jnj johnson larg level lie limit line long long-term low lower lowest manufactur march market mattersight may mean meanwhil measur minimum month moreov move much mvp negat novarti number nvs obtain offer offset one opportun opposit optim order organ other perfect perform pfe pfizer pharmaceut platform portfolio portfolioc posit possibl potenti predict prefer previous price probabl product prove provid put r rang rate ratio red reduc refer requir research result return reward reward-to-vari risk risk-fre riski risks.moreover root samsung sec secur sell set setb share sharp show singl smartphon softwar solut spread sqrt squar square-root standard stock subsidiari sum take taken tangent target term therefor togeth toler total two uncertainti unsystemat use valu variabl varianc volatil w1 w2 weight well well-diversif whether wireless worldwid worth[accessed x xn xn-mean yahoofin year σ