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The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda triangle is a section that is held with many myths and is located in a section of the Atlantic Ocean. The triangle is roughly bounded by the Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Miami. Within this triangle, there has a series of disappearances where airplanes and ships have disappeared to without any trace of the vessels or any of the survivors. To date, these disappearances have been unexplained and neither has anyone been in a position to figure out how these accidents happened. Planes and boats have vanished within the triangle even in very favorable weather and in instances where there was no panic messages sent from the vanished vessels. Amidst all these disappearances and explanations that are raised, the case of Bermuda Triangle remains a case of how people can give natural events a colorful hue, turn it to a full-grown hoax that still demonstrates a lack of creativity and devotion of easy to fleece audience, yet there are no proven mystical forces that stands out to account for the tragedy losses.

The legends that surround the Bermuda Triangle came into existence in early 1945 when a clue of five Navy Avenger Airplanes, who were on a training mission, disappeared without a trace. This incident brought the triangle and its mysteries into the limelight and thus getting the attention of the public. This followed the commissioning of a large Mariner Flying boat to go and search for the planes over the Atlantic. To the amusement of many, they too did not return. The six planes and the 27 crew members destined to search the planes disappeared never to come back. Following these incidences were more disappearances that remained unexplained. In attempts to do find a solution, many people came up with myths explaining the behavior of the Bermuda triangle. All the investigators postulated theories in attempts to explain the mysteries satisfactorily. The theories have remained more bizarre, yet they gain the backing of the majority of the audience. Indeed, these theories lack the scientific support and adequate data to support the assertions that gain the praise of the unsuspecting audience. Books written in attempts ...

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