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How create value for customers/markets in such a way that our company can appropriate that value and thus grows and becomes more powerful? Practicalities:
[email protected]
Course text: 25 articles ( 2 – 3 / week)
Overall score = sum of exam (60%) and paper (40%) (you HAVE to pass exam) Exam: written
Paper: on topic of interest in small teams (4, 5, or 6 ps) : 10 – 15 p. (max. 20) Topics:
1. Innovation dynamics, policies and systems eg. What makes a region/country successful in the knowledge economy? 2. Innovation strategy eg. How does a company achieve market success through innovation? 3. Innovation practice eg. How to be successful with a new product/process/business model? Rules:

1. Group formation: DIY , 1 contact person should email Jelle before 15/10 with a. group members: name + email address + program
b. topic: abstract
2. Reflection & confrontation! >>> description  be critical, relate what you observe to course articles ao 3. State of the art not required to be exhaustive (not a masterpaper) 4. Presentation: “Poster Format” = poster fair: present highlights on your paper on poste...

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