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1310 Summer 2 2014 Prelim Essay

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The University of Texas at Brownsville
Forensic Investigation Program
Preliminary Course Syllabus
Summer Session II, 2014


CRIJ 1310 Fundamentals of Criminal Law: This course focuses on the nature of criminal law and its philosophical and historical development; major definitions, concepts and classifications of crime; elements of crimes and penalties, using Texas statutes as illustrations; and the concept of criminal responsibility.

This colure is designed to introduce the student to the theoretical basis of criminal law in the United States and to examine particular criminal acts as defined by their elements f proof. This course provides an important foundation to further studies in Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will: Obtain an understanding and appreciation for the nature of criminal law, its philosophical and historical development. Identify major concepts, definitions, classifications, elements and penalties of crime and criminal responsibility. Identify the Penal Code

Define the terms described in the Penal Code.
Identify culpable mental states
Identify the elements of the offense.
Define the various degrees of prosecution
Identify crimes against property
Define crimes against persons
Identify crimes against public administration
Define penalties
Identify jurisdiction
Define the Grand Jury and Petit Jury
Identify criminal responsibility
Demonstrate ability to write reports.
Gardner, Thomas J, and Terry M. Anderson (2009), Criminal Law: Principles and Cases (11th Edition), Wadswo...

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