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Final class about innovation systems - Law of universities on innovation systems

SL3: to become nr1 in innovation, we (EUR) have to spend 3% of GDP in innovation (S(cience), I(nnovation). T(echnology)); we are now on 1.95% eur major issue = entrepreneurial deficit in new emerging industries eg. there is no European Google

more public spending
more intra-firm R&D-spending
Triadic patent: one that is applied for in US, Eur, and Japan (Asia) If you apply in the three biggest world markets, your invention is very valuable Normally you pick he most valuable technologies to patent

EU-27; N-Am = US+Canada; Asia = 8 countries
Automobiles: US is down here
14. In some industries Europe is Nr 1 but they are mature industries  we need to be better in high-tech industries main message: Eur represent something and is competitive BUT not in the emerging high-tech industries and this is a point of concern! 15. Science-technology-industry and the Eur. Paradox (Dosi et al 2005) Certain technologies take time too unfold, too much time for companies to invest  need public money, often through academic/university system Have an eye on the quality

Have an eye on the transfer of this knowledge to the industry “Eur Paradox”
1: we are brilliant in science
2: our science is an ivory tower: we keep it separate from the economy  we lack the capacity to transfer this knowledge into industrial applications blame it on the companies: not competitive enough in the high tech industries we do suffer from this deficit @ top science! We are less brilliant in science than we think.  we have work on all levels: S, I, T 17. Patent families: best institutes of technology

The Americans dom...

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