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Shell: portfolio approach: R&D should contribute to company now but also in the future Oil and gas = ending story  can still make money there now but in the future we might (=uncertainty) need something else (wind, solar…) (cf. Schumpeter: said only big companies would have the money for this R&D) SL4 complementing portfolio’s, Funnels & roadmaps: Organizing Innovation SL5 Christensen: The Innovator’s dilemma

Every firm that tried to do INCR and REVO simultaneously (like Shell) = failed (Christensen)  strategy of Shell = doomed to fail
SL6 Mechanic vs. Hydraulic
SL8 Changes in Market Leadership – Typewriter industry
Market leaders in older technology are wiped out when new technology arrives Eg. chemical photography (Kodak, Agfa, Fuji (exited industry)); music industry SL5 Christensen
Perfectly rational not to embrace a new technology
Because it starts from a level inferior to the older one  no threat for your business yet To be sure: talk with customers (eg. IBM aks them : what would you prefer: our current product or the new emergent technology?  they all say they “stick to the current platform because they need this and this and this and the new technology is not (yet) at th...

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