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131127 Ims10 Essay

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start last part of the course
partners/collaboration: how make sure to
share enough knowledge
while at the same time
make sure it is not abused
!!! social dynamics: innov is social process to large extent Julian Orr PhD “how to technical people solve problems”? complex problem: manual useless if they cannot pinpoint actual problem technical people have problems with this  talk to their colleagues  develop hypotheses about what could be the case problem defining = extremely social process

SL2 Figure 1 Factors affecting the success of product-development process (Brown and Eisenhower Article syllabus) Tom Allen (MIT) syllabus + book Managing the Flow of Technology Main message: in the end it's not a story of communicating more and more and more within the team BUT diversity of communication across boundaries from your project (= talk to people from other disciplines,…) and bring their knowledge into team “Seminal work” T. Allen & Katz paper on not-invented-here-syndrome = red graph = omgekeerde parabool where does this kind of logic come from?

blue lines = thinking in class
first year: team bu...

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