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13113422 Lb5215 Assessment 1 Final Essay

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Paul S. Adler, Perspectives on the Productivity Dilemma (Journal of Operations Management 27 (2009) 99-113

Executive Summary
The article emphasizes on productivity dilemma among organizations and how these concepts, Exploitation and Exploration dichotomy; Ambidexterity; Efficiency and Adaptability; Innovation; Dynamic efficiency; Bureaucracy that help increase productivity. Ambidexterity the ability to sustain both exploration and exploitation (O’Reilly and Tushman, 2008) and the 20-year study plan shows evidence on patenting paint and photography industry, due to rigid hierarchy and depending solely on routine exploitation overruled exploration and stunted innovation.

However, the 6-year research conducted on Toyota revealed that company nurtures contradictions in order to empower their business and through these paradoxes is how they learn and create new knowledge.

Inherent conflicts between process management and exploration Making strategic decisions is the responsibility of senior executives who are answerable to stakeholders and in Asian business context hierarchy is evident. I believe middle managers are more in to...

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