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13114431 D Ng Ka Chun Mm2711 Individual Essay

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MM2711 Introduction to marketing
Individual report 2013
Ng Ka Chun, Hadyn
Student no.: 13114431D

The controversy between business practices and ethical responsibilities of companies has long been existed in the modern society, and yet, nobody could draw an explicit line on this field that agreed by majority. When products and promotions are introduced into the market, the corporations are facing to numerous moral problems and rarely can they fulfil all the needs. In fact, the “rulers” that to measure certain marketing activities that they follow the code of ethics or not could differentiate tremendously due to miscellaneous cultures and laws.

In the sense of marketing ethics, there are three crucial factors to analyse and determine the ethic of the behaviour of marketer—value intruded, stakeholder involved as well as process adopted. Some parties argue that marketing is always an unethical issue, as its consequence may break the personal autonomy, bringing damage to competitors in the market and machinate the social value.[1] Howe...

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