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Last class
Communication: open vs. close
Classify projects: project vs. functional structure
Integrated design and/or development capabilities
SL21 Impact of design technologies
ADSL = miracle
1) decades copper wires only used for voice and no one believed we could do video through it but now we can (VDSL) 2) brought to the market in Belgium: Alcatel market leader (before its merger with Lucent); it all happened in Antwerp: did not invent but leading commercialization 3) how did they create this success?

4) Erikkson Swedish telecom: were also in the race for ADSL technology but not so successful in exploiting int (won the wireless race later though) 5) How did they each do it separately? What made the difference? 6) Difficult to pin down critical success factors

3D printing
1) Layering
2) Living tissues: organs, protheses
3) huge implications for manufacturing
4) market for +10 years
5) prototype building in mere 24h ( earlier: up to weeks)

LMS (Leuven company, Urbain van Deurzen Strategic)
1) allow car/plane/train/… manufacturers to design car virtually instead of for real 2) = gain time and money
3) BUT
a. Huge initial setup cost: embed all knowledge in a software platform b. Problem:
i. The platform contains architecture of what the car should look like ii. You apply underlying architecture
iii. No more out-of-the-box thinking because the program cannot do it!

to what extent ar the tools you use also restraining your problem defining and solving space? If they are, INCR >>> revo (cf. SL 24)
Incr = eg. improve the software itself but not go out of it
SL28 R&D = big business
Need for quality principles!
ISO = quality certificate: they come to assess your processes You need procedures in place: flow charts, job descriptions, procedures… = a lot of red tape into organization (= bureaucracy) Make processes explicit  optimize  job descriptions etc You can obtain ...

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