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Roles (cf. infra)
IP: Government twofold role
Basic research, LT, high risk & uncertainty  market failure  invest public money for science that benefits society as a whole Problem of appropriation  market failure  IP protection system (patents etc) Still abusable: NPE/non-practising entity: patent troll: company that does not to R&D itself but focuses on buying IP rights  Sue companies who are trying to make money with technology  IP system can hamper development

Abolish? Pro and con empirical evidence
SL2 what is a patent
You do not have to use the technology
You can prohibit others from using it
Not logic to create these temporary monopoly from welfare perspective Exceptionally we do it to address market failure  accept welfare loss You have to make the knowledge public
After 20 years the protection stops  everyone can freely use the knowledge (eg. generic medicine) SL3
Not everything patentable eg. mathematical formulas in EUr
Why not? Eg. services: general principles should be open/free/...

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