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thebullet nose fastening bolts from loosening and entering the engine inlet airstream.  bell mouth is a tapered expanding or reducing opening in the end of a ventilation duct, so named because the taper can resemble that of a bell shape A flame front diverter element is designed to cause a minimal pressure drop under normal venting conditions when process vapors need to pass through the explosion protection system and to other equipment connected to the manifold system. In the event of a deflagration, the flame front diverter directs the high-speed pressure wave towards a bi-directional rupturable disc causing the rupturable disc to open thus creating an aspiration effect on the opposite bi-directional rupturable disc In the compressor section of a gas turbine engine, a stator assembly comprises an outer vane support structure, an inner vane support structure, and a plurality of stator vanes which extend radially therebetween. The inner vane support structure includes a one piece inner ring, and a plurality of shroud sections which surround and are bonded to the ring. Each shroud section has arcuate cavities which receive and retain therein the inner end of a stator vane. The ring and shroud sections are fabricated from composite materials A rotor (1) of a gas turbine compressor comprises a multiplicity of welded-together rotor disks (3 a, 3 b, 4, 5), of which two or more rotor disks (3 a, 3 b), in a radially outer region (9′), are welded together, and, in a radially inner central region (9), are abutment-joined together. Via the abutment-joining of two rotordisks (3 a, 3 b), a heat flow (8) radially outward from the center of the rotor (1) is achieved so that the material temperature of the rotor (1) can be kept below a predetermined level during operation. As a result, the service life of the ...

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