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1314 1 Fyp Proposal Template Essay

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Final Year Project 2013/2014

Matric No.:
[email protected]
Project Title:
Motor speed control by SMS from android mobile
Power Electronic
Problem Statement:
(Need of the project)
Adopting mobile and wireless communication to control systems will greatly benefit the industry. This contribution develops the systematic design methods for the development of a low cost GSM SMS-based Control system for industrial applications over the wireless communication. Project Description:

Motor speed is control using SMS where user will send a text command contain speed value that desired by user. This text command will be processed and motor speed will be adjusted. Problem Statement:

Control signal is used to control motor speed and it is basically generate by a control switch that is connected directly to the control circuit. In order to control the motor speed, user need to be at the place where the control switch is locate...

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