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A Sample Self-Assessment
Annual Performance Evaluation Form
Non-Probationary, Classified Employees

|Employee Name: |PeopleSoft ID#: 100012345 Position #: 00044 | |Jane Smith | | |Department: |Date prepared: | |English Department |August 5, 2008 |

Core Responsibilities, Special Assignments & Departmental Values |Core |Evaluation | |Responsibility | | |1 | Contributor Extraordinary Contributor Below Contributor | | |Positive Factors |Areas For Improvement | | |In my supervision of Kate, the Office Services Assistant, I have observed|I need to help Kate more on the technical aspect of her job and how it fits| | |that she has learned her position very quickly. She has told me often |into the big picture. | | |that she feels encouraged in her job and our working relationship. All | | | |performance management deadlines have been or are being met. | | | |Additional Comments | | |I’d like to update Kate’s position description to include student/department scheduling. I think it would challenge her a bit more and help her | | |learn a new program. | |2 | Contributor Extraordinary Contributor Below Contributor | | |...

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00044 1 100012345 13232 2 2008 3 4 5 abil abl accomplish accur addit advanc advisori alway annual anyth appli appoint area aspect assess assign assist attent august basic better big bit bore box budget build certain chair challeng check classifi co co-chair comment contribut contributor control coordin core correspond could council creat crowd cycl d date deadlin depart department descript detail develop difficult director disorgan done e e-mail earn effect elig embarrass employe encourag english enjoy enthus error evalu even excel extraordinari factor faculti feel find first fit flow form free full given gone good grammat guarante guess handl happen hard help hour howev id imagin improv includ interest jane job kate know learn least like m made mail maintain make manag master met mistak month must name need never new non non-probationari notic notif number observ occasion offic often one opportun order overal overrid part peak peopl peoplesoft perform pictur plan pleas posit possibl prepar pretti print proactiv probationari process program project proof proof-read propos provid put quick rate read receipt receiv record relationship repair report respons result review role sampl schedul seem self self-assess send septemb serv servic show sign signatur smith smooth soft special spreadsheet staff still student student/department success supervis supervisor sure system technic thank think though three time told train updat valu way well well-manag will within work workday would written