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1324 Final Exam Review Ordered Word Essay

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1. (Functions) Determine the domain of the following functions. (a)

2. (1.2) The quantity demanded for a certain brand of CD players is 200 units when the unit price is set at $90. The quantity demanded is 1200 units when the unit price is $40. Find the demand equation.


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1 1.2 10.2 1200 1324 2 200 3 4 40 5 90 also arriv automat b brand break break-even c camera cd certain chip compani cost d demand depart determin dollar domain e equat equilibrium even exam f final financi find follow function g mani manufactur maxim maximum million need order p per player potato price price-demand produc profit q quantiti relat repres revenu review sell set sold suppli suppos ten thousand tire unit wholesal word x