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Single-gender education in Thailand deserves to take place in the 21 st century The debate on single-gender education has been ongoing for a long time. It has always been involved with several aspects on how it would affect human society including people in the society and human behaviors. In addition, the debate on benefits between single-gender education and coeducation has also taken place in the society today, especially in Thailand. It can be noticed that this issue has become an important issue in Thailand and the tendency of single-gender education to take place in Thailand is apparently less than coeducation. Nevertheless, adolescents who graduate from single-gender schools tend to benefit from their schools rather than those who graduate from coeducational schools. Thus, single-gender education has more positive effects on adolescents in Thai society in the 21st century.

To begin with, single-gender education enhances student success since techniques that are used in schools are practically geared towards their gender. In other words, these adolescents tend to be more academic and have much more self-confidence than those who graduate from coeducational schools. Furthermore, with their expertise and intelligence, such people could play important roles in Thai society. They could also be capable of boosting up Thai economy and developing the country. Since Thailand is one of developing countries, single-gender education can efficiently generate hopeful adolescents to help develop the country. One concrete example is General Surayud Chulanon, who was the 24th prime minister of Thailand, a former Thai military officer and Army Commander, graduated from Suankularb Wittayalai School and Saint Gabriel’s college which are both single-gender schools. When he was in these schools, he was always taught to be single-minded and prudent. Moreover, the schools utilized specific techniques such as ruling strict disciplines and providing suitable courses to male students. Therefore, Surayud grew up with a strong determination towards being an army and he finally graduated from the inaugural class of Armed forces Preparatory Academy. During his duty as a Prime Minister, he was able to boost up the economy of Thailand properly. His major proves are such as the overthrowing of Thaksin Chinnawatra who was famous on corruption and the focus on self-sufficiency of people which made the people concerned more about living their life adequately. Secondly, single-gender education helps decrease discipline problems. In actual life, coeducational schools seem to fix these problems more practically, they actually don’t. Due to psychological factors, when male and female adolescents are grouped separately by gender, they tend to be less stubborn and naughty. Most of discipline problems are caused by the power of the opposite gender. To clari...

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