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Volunteer Project Reflective Paper
Kaley Askeland
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Due: April 8th, 2015 Title page good
Volunteer Project. Your written assignment for this project will be to complete the activity and write a reflective journal about the experience. This reflective journal is due 11/12, and must be a minimum of five pages (about 1500 words). Paper includes: ____- 10% Prior authorization (less 10% if not on file) and peer reviewed. ____ 2 Where you volunteered (name of the facility, its services or function, and any other pertinent details you think are necessary, such as the population they serve, etc.). ____ 2 Describe the process you had to follow to be accepted into this volunteer position (i.e., get a background check, have a Manitou test, complete orientation, etc.) ____ 2 Describe the roles of the employees that you worked with during your participation. Include details that explain what role you played, and how you related to other working teams at the facility. (Keep confidentiality in mind and do not reveal the names of employees or patients. You may say, “… a 75-year-old-man I will call Joe,” for example.) Describe any time that you had to seek assistance: Who did you ask for help? What was the response? Was there an incident or did your participation help avoid an incident? ____ 2 Describe the role you had, how long you participated, and what tasks you did. Give examples, to give the reader a feeling for the activity you completed. ____ 2 Identify any barriers that you had to overcome, during the experience (examples might be language barriers; insufficient staff or helpers to ensure safety; prejudices). ____ 2 Plan your paper to have section heads that address: Courage, Caring (or lack of), and Teamwork. Identify examples of each of these, and explain how they affected your participation. ____ 2 In your conclusion, state what you learned from this participation, and if this experience has influenced your interest toward any branch of nursing. ____ 4 Although this is a reflective journaling project, follow APA paper format for style including a coversheet and running heads. ____ 2 Paper uses college-level communications; does not leave content holes in the paper.

May also include if necessary:
- Provide additional details, unique to your faci...

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