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Author(s): Karen Foster
Review by: Karen Foster
Source: Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, Vol. 48, No. 1 (1994), pp. 98-100 Published by: Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
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Rocky Mountain Review

between literal and figurallanguage and touches on what the relations between time and narration posited by each writermight mean for"the self," though, like "the reader," this concept is not interrogatedas strictlyas it could be. She might,forexample, have considered more directlythe conflict between humanist ideas of the coherent self and the change through time essential to narrative movement. This conflictappears repeatedly in her discussions as a struggle forauthorial controlof language. However, she is extremely good on the problems of origins, of ends and beginnings, especially in Levi-Strauss, of whose Triste Tropiques she astutely notes that "Those confusions of beginnings and endings, departures and destinations are also Europe and South America, anthropologistand native, science and its object. And Levi-Strauss is above all contemplatingthe nature ofanthropology,asking what significanceit mighthave as he looks to his past" (10). I found the chapter on Triste Tropiques utterly fascinating. It shows Lev...

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