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1348 Year Essay

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«1348. The Black Death»

Выполнил студент 3 курса, 31 группы Мисников Е.О.

ТВЕРЬ, 2012


1348. England of that time was in the reign of Edward III, who began the Hundred Years' War for the French throne, which lasted for 116 years with breaks. The bubonic plague made England put a hold on the war with France. But then when the pandemic had passed England recovered financially and renewed the war. The population of England in 1348 was close to 4 million people, which is three times as much than it was after Norman Conquest. The reason is the two centuries of economic prosperity.

Since 1347 the plague went wild through Europe and only the geographical position protected England from that pandemic. But the death can’t be deceived and in 1348 it came to the British Isles through Weymouth. Here began the horror which nobody wouldn't wish that on his worst enemy.

The Black Death

The Black Death, which swept across Europe during the 14th century, was responsible for the death of more than one third of Britain’s population. Entering England in 1348, it had a devastating effect on the demographic and psychological shape of the British Isles.

Referred to by contemporaries as the ‘pestilence’ or ‘plague’, it is generally accepted that the Black Death arrived in Europe from central Asia in 1347. It spread rapidly across the continen...

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