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1350306981 Lecture Notes 7 Essay

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• It is an element of managerial task of
measuring and correcting subordinates
performance to achieve organizational
• A process of ensuring that employee
behaviour and performance as well as
organizational activities conform to the
organization’s objectives.

Significance of control
a)Helps to prevent malpractice or
unprofessional conduct
b)It evaluates top management efficiency in
c) It leads to standardised actions that increase
efficiency since there will be specified rules
regulations and policies.

Significance of control
d)It ensures that authority delegated to
subordinates is effectively used.
e)Ensures maximum utilization of resources, ie,
there is no time wastages and duplication of
duties where there is effective control.
f) It caters for the complexity and unpredictable
behaviours of the organization ‘s interrelated
and interdependent subsystems

Significance of control
g)Human beings make mistakes, hence
necessary to monitor and control
h)Some people cannot be trusted hence a
constant check on them may be necessary.

Control cont…
• Excessive control can act as a barrier to
effective performance, retard motivation and
inhibit creativity.
• Inadequate control on the other hand waste
resources and the organization may not be
able to achieve its objectives.
• The right amount of control is situational.

Types of control
a)Pre-action (feedforward control)
• This refers to control before an activity takes
• It is aimed at ensuring that sufficient resources
are budgeted for before any action is

Types of control cont...
Examples are:
• Buying/supplying equipment before production

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