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Description of mengniu

Mengniu is a famous dairy products production enterprise in our country, mengniu milk, yogurt, and is China's largest production of dairy products enterprise, one of mengniu's slogan is "a catty of milk every day, and strong Chinese". Founded in 1999, by 2005 the second-largest company turnover has become China's dairy, mengniu's success has become a classic case business. The production of liquid milk and cream are placed first in the whole of China. Through unremitting efforts, finally mengniu to occupy China's dairy industry. The rapid rise of the mengniu and differentiated marketing is inseparable, in 10 years struggle, the differentiation marketing strategy, so to speak when mengniu now the source of glory.

|蒙牛近几年的财务报表 | |年份 |销售额(百万) |净利润(百万) |利润同比增长 | |2006 |16,246 |727 |59.2% | |2007 |21,318 |936 |28.7% | |2008 |29,828 |1,182 |26.3% | |2009 |36,931 |1,576 |33.4% | |2010 |44,362 |1,805 |14.5% |

1:Competitive strategy

Differentiation strategy
A: mengniu the necessity of the implementation of differentiated marketing strategy

In the domestic dairy market, yili has the largest market share. Mengniu in the beginning of development in imitation in such aspects as products, pricing, packaging industry leader yili, have been living in yili's shadow. Early mengniu as taken with yili similar marketing strategy, the brand strength rapidly increased, opens up a lot of markets, and achieved good results. But this kind of similar marketing strategy make mengniu in an embarrassing situation, then due to the strong yili, mengniu holds the market share is very limited; And mengniu is a lack of loyalty customers and consumers because we can not effectively distinguish mengniu and yili in such aspects as product, price is similar, so can't distinguish the difference between two products, which are the mengniu as second choice after yili, yili mengniu second "consumer impression that mengniu must change, consumers...

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