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International Journal of Computer Science Engineering
and Information Technology Research (IJCSEITR)
ISSN 2249-6831
Vol.2, Issue 4, Dec 2012 93-103
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IEEE member, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, ITM University, Gurgaon


B.Tech student, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, ITM University, Gurgaon


B.Tech student, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, ITM University, Gurgaon

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering, ITM University, Gurgaon

The presented paper is concerned with simulation based designing of a low-cost, easy to use, intuitive interface for the control of a slave anthropomorphic tele-operated robot. Tele-operator “masters”, that operate in real-time with the robot, have ranged from simple motion capture devices, to more complex force reflective exoskeletal masters. Our general design approach has been to begin with the definition of desired objective behaviours, rather than the use of available components with their predefined technical specifications. With the technical specifications of the components necessary to achieve the desired behaviours defined, the components are either acquired, or in most cases, developed and built. The control system, which includes the operation of feedback approaches, acting in collaboration with physical machinery, is then defined and implemented.

KEYWORDS: Humanoid, Tele-Operated, Exoskeleton, Robotic Arm, Omni Wheel INTRODUCTION
In this paper we present “DEXTO:EKA: - the humanoid robot”, which is a human-scale tele-operated selfbalancing anthropomorphic robot. "Anthropomorphic" means having a shape like a human and "Tele-operated" means operated from a remote location. The humanoid is able to perform simultaneous mimicking motion of a person. The overall system is aimed at being able to yield complex meaningful interaction in a seamless and continuous manner. This humanoid will have torso with a head, two arms, face, eyes, mouth, ears and lots of sensors. Its upper body will resemble human while its lower body will be wheeled. Fig. 1 shows the block diagram of humanoid control system, in which the servos, sensors and all the peripherals are interfaced with the microcontroller unit. Audio and video are sent via Wi-Fi and all other data is sent to the other end via Xbee.


Sulabh Kumra, Shilpa Mehta, Rajat Saxena&Ramandeep Singh

Fig. 1: Block Diagram of Humanoid Control System
Fig. 2 shows the block diagram of Man Machine Interface (MMI), which is used by the tele-operator to remotely control the robot. It consists of an Exoskeleton, joystick, display unit and an auditory system.The mode selection switch enables the tele-operator to select one of the three modes of operation. The three modes of operation are manual, semiautonomous and autonomous

Fig. 2: Block Diagram of the Man Machine Interface
In manual mode, full control will be in the hands of the tele-operator and robot won’t be able to perform any action on its own. In semi-autonomous mode, the control will be still in the hands of the tele-operator but the robot will reject the commands if they are dangerous for survival of the robot. In autonomous mode, the robot will be autonomous and will do live entertainment.

Simulation Based Design of Robotic Arm and Omni Directional Drive Mechanism of Dexto:Eka:


After conducting various tests on the mecanum drive developed, it was concluded that the weight of the complete robot can’t be more than 20kg. Several computer based sketches were made to get...

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