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MễN TIẾNG ANH 12 - Thời gian làm bài 60 phút

A/. Chọn từ gạch dưới được phát âm khác với những từ cũn lại: 1/ A. chauffeur B. China C. children D. check 2/ A. garment B. hardship C. carry D. garlic 3/ A. near B. pear C. dear D. clear

B/. Chọn từ cú trọng õm chớnh nhấn vào õm tiết cú vị trớ khỏc với cỏc từ cũn lại: 4/ A. capital B. excellent C. determine D. continent 5/ A. cultivate B. latitude C. desperate D. disaster

* Chọn từ hoặc cụm từ thích hợp nhất để hoàn thành câu : 6 / ____________ has he behaved like that before.
A. Only by B. When C. Never D. For
7/ “ More coffee? Anybody?” ~ “ _________________.” A. I don’t agree, I’m afraid B. I’d love to C. Yes, please D. It’s right I think 8/ The classroom ____________ when the teacher arrived .

A. was being cleaned B. is cleaned C. was cleaning D. was cleaned 9/ The more electricity you use, ______
A. the higher your bill will be B. the higher will be your bill C. your bill will be higher D. the highest your bill will be 10/ “Oh, I’m really sorry!” ~ “_____________________.”

A. It was a pleasure” B. That’s all right C. Thanks D. Yes, why? 11/ “Do you like the weather here?” ~ “I wish it ______________.”
A. doesn’t rain B. won’t rain C. didn’t rain D. hadn’t rained 12/ They searched _________________for the missing documents but they were never found. A. to and fro B. high and low C. up and down D. back to back 13/ I have to announce that the manager cannot attend our party today, ____________is a pity.

A. that B. who C. what D. which
14/________Sahara is __________ biggest desert in __________ Africa .
A._/ the / _ B. The / _ / _ C. _ / the / an D. The / the / _ 15/ Although he was _________________, he agreed to play tennis with me.
A. exhausting B. exhausted C. exhaustion D. exhaustive...

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1 10 11 12 13 1365300582 14/________sahara 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 2050 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 4 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 5 50 6 60 7 8 9 a._ accord advantag advic afraid africa agre air aliv all-round along also although anh anim announc anybodi apart area aren arriv ask attend avoid awar b back backach be becom begin behav beings-wil belong benefit best better biggest bill bird bodi book boredom breath build burn buy bài c cannot capit carri case caught caus chauffeur check chemic children china cho chân chính chọn chỗ chớnh cinema classroom clean clear close coffe come commit communic conquer consequ conserv consid contin contract contribut convers could creat crime crop cultiv cycl cân câu cõu cũn cần cỏc cụm d damag danger day dear desert desper determin develop didn disappear disast diseas doctor document doesn done doubt dyslexia dưới earth earth-human easili effect effici effort electr empti enabl end endang energi enjoy enough environ everi excel exercis exhaust expens extinct fact factor factori farm farmer feed feel feet fewer find finish follow food forest forget form fortun found friend friendli friendship fro fur garlic garment gentl get gian give go good got gradual grammar grow gạch habitat habitat-th hadn hairstyl hardship harm health hear heart heavili help high higher highest his/her home hous howev hoàn hoặc human hunt hợp ideal ii iii import includ increas industri interest interpret iv jerri jim jog keep khác khảo khỏc know land languag later latest latitud leas least leav left letter like littl live live-i look lose lost love low làm lại m major make manag mani map match measur medic might miss month much muscl must mễn near neither net never new nghiệp nhấn nhất những nice nowaday numer occup occupi oh one oneself open opinion opportun opposit order pain parrot part parti pear peopl perhap pet phenomena phát phút phương phải phự piti place play pleas pleasur pollut popular power preferenti present prevent problem programm pronunci protect punish quick rain re read realli reason reliev reserv rest result return revers rid right round sau save search seem shall short show sign simpli slowli soil sold solv someth soon sooner sorri space speci spent spoke start stop strength strenuous stronger student succeed success sue suffer suggest surf swim sửa take talk teacher technolog televis tenni tham thank thi thing think thpt threaten three thành thích thớch thời time tiếng tiết tn today transfer treat tri trong true trọng trống trớ trở two tốt từ understand unfriend unless us use valuabl violenc violent vocabulari vào văn vị với warm warmer warmest weather week weight well whose wildlif win wish without won word work world worri wors worst write writer wrong xác yes younger án âm ôn õm điền đoạn được đề để định ứng