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Ontela PicDeck
4th Group Marketing Management F121

Group Member

Amira Islamie
Bayu Pahala Radityo
Bhagas Arga Saputra
Dwi Hermiyati
Ferry Cahyadiputra

Ontela PicDeck Case

What is Ontela ?


Why Ontela PicDeck doing research


How are Market Segment Best Defined?


A Five Step Process : Choosing Attractive Market

What is Ontela ?
● Ontela is a start-up company founded in 2006 in
• In 2008, Ontela is making their first offering :
Ontela PicDeck
● PicDeck is an application/software, that transfer
pictures from mobile device to PC(at home), email
and/or social media SEAMLESSLY

Why Ontela doing research ?





The aim is to sell PicDeck to
wireless carrier.
Is b...

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