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Service Voucher
Ref No.
Sales Consultant’s Mobile
+84 988117948
Booking date
09 Dec 2014
Emergency/Out of hours
Please refer to bottom of the pages for emergency contacts
Tour Desk Renaissance

BT Consultant
Vu Thi Hien
[email protected]

GROUP NAME: Rachel Moseley

Total No. Of Guests: 4 Adult - 4 Children - 0

Tour Name: HCMC Half Day Tour Private

Guest: All
Total No. Of Guests: 4 Adult - 4 Children - 0

Today you will be picked up at Renaissance Riverside Hotel at 10.00 AM

Day 1 [Thu 15 Jan 2015]: Ho Chi Minh City - Half day city tour

Your guide will meet you at your hotel around 10am and driven to the city’s Central Post Office, which was designed by the renowned French archite...

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