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1394518500 2012 English Standard Assessment Task Essay

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Journeys reveal that the lessons learnt initiate from themselves not the destination, this is confirmed by an array of textual ideas. The result in growth and development for the individual, they can alter substantial perceptions and interactions on other individuals, they are capable to have profound effects on one’s life and they can lead to changes in attitude and emotions. Michael Bauer’s novel The Running man, and Glen Whipp’s feature article Fall guys, illustrates apparent ideas comprehensively by the use of effective and diverse language through the characters. Inner journeys result in growth and development for the individual. This transformation is clear in Michael Bauer’s novel The Running Man as a boy “Joseph” is internally emerging into a young man. The symbolic simile “though he would still look like the same boy, he would be as different from his present self as a moth is from a caterpillar” accurately magnifies that Joseph is internally coming of age as well as evolving into something new. The intelligent comparison of an insect to a transforming boy upholds the idea of growth and development and signifies change in Joseph’s life. This language demonstrates that an individual can internally grow and develop but remain physically unchanged. In Michael Bauer’s novel The Running Man (TRM) growth and development is apparent as Joseph employs an improved understanding and acceptance of Simon Jamieson (“The Running Man”).Well s...

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