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The Character of Robinson Crusoe
I. Introduction
A. The brief introduction to the original work
B. The purpose of this essay
II. The Character of Robinson Crusoe
A. Character one: independent
B. Character two: Adventurous
C. Character three: Ambitious and entrepreneurial
D. Character four: Hardworking and strong
E. Character five: Grateful
III. Different Character, Different Fate.
A. The right attitude towards One’s Proper and Improper Character. B. Character is important in our life, especially for us youth haven’t step into society. IV. Conclusion
This paper try to analyze the hero’ character through analyze the original work .the hero’s life experience reflects his different characters, and there are some little story behind each character. In this paper, the characters will be introduced from four different aspects. And it is because of these characters that he could overcome thousands of hardships and dangers. It is because of these characters that Robinson created a wonderful life .It will illustrate that a person’s character can determine his /her fate. How should we make our life different? Each characters are worthy of rethinking in our days. Introduction

A. The brief introduction to the original work
Robinson Crusoe tells a story: Despite the patents tried their best to persuade him to give up his dream to sail, even they can left him a considerable property. Robinson’s dream was still burning .When he left home to the sea, h...

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