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Learning Outcomes for Chapter 7

LO 21-1 What is thinking?
LO 21-2 What processes underlie reasoning and decision making? LO 21-3 How do people approach and solve problems?
LO 21-4 What are the major obstacles to problem solving?



IEB Wireframe

Thinking and Reasoning
Mental Images: Examining the Mind's Eye
Concepts: Categorizing the World
Algorithms and Heuristics
Applying Psychology in the 21st Century: I'll take “Artificial Intelligence” for $1,000, Alex.
Solving Problems
Creativity and Problem Solving
Becoming an Informed Consumer of Psychology: Thinking Critically and Creatively MODULE 22
LO 22-1 How do people use language?
LO 22-2 How does language develop?
Grammar: Language's Language
Language Development: Developing a Way with Words
Understanding Language Acquisition: Identifying the Roots of Language The Influence of Language on Thinking: Do Eskimos Have More Words for Snow Than Texans Do?
Do Animals Use Language?
Exploring Di...

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