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13 Reasonswhy Essay

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Skye doesn’t respond when I say her name. I try to get in front of her to stop her; I’m not letting her get away. I’m not letting her go; I don’t want the same thing to happen like it did with Hannah Baker. I say her name again with more volume “Skye!” She stops and looks at me. I can see the pain in her eyes. I begin to apologize but she interrupts me. “Clay can we talk later or something now is not the time.” I ask her “Can we meet up tonight please? Maybe have a bite to eat and just talk?” She pauses and we stare into each other eyes for a moment and finally the silence is broken. “Yes Clay, I would love that. Can we meet at Rosie’s around five o’clock? “Sure” I say. My heart tells me no, I don’t want to go somewhere th...

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