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Darren Aronofsky is a well-respected director renowned for his dark, thought provoking films. The films he directed were often very character centred, portraying characters with immense obsession that ruins their overall well-being. Aronofsky’s directing style is unique amongst other directors as Aronofsky directs based on realism. His realistic directing style made him famous due to his uniqueness, but of course, he shows the side of humanity we tend to ignore and act blind on. His films has a peculiar touch on realism that shows us things that films of today tend to overlook and hide. Because of this, the audience is able to see the harsh reality some people go through their daily lives, the mental, emotional, and physical pain they have to live with every day. Aronofsky often directs with low budget production. Some interesting cinematography he uses include, hand held cameras, often use of specific close up shots, and fading to black/white screen which causes a lack of catharsis and provokes the audience’s thoughts. Darren Aronofsky’s ‘’The Wrestler’’ is about an aging professional wrestler from the 80’s, long past his prime, Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson. The film is set 20 years later after the peak of his career. During the 20 year timeframe, something happened the caused the downfall of his career and faded away from the spotlight. A faded, famous professional wrestler now labels himself as an ‘’old b...

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