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14 6 Bomb Blast Essay

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hello dear friends today i am gonna be your narrator my name is kevin. the date is 14th july 2006 in USA,new york .There lived a detective name jhon McClane he was a tall men with blue eyes which coul spot any evidence, fair in colour and always wearing coat he would be found , there was knock in his door. it was a letter addresed to him but the senders name was not writen on it. he opened it and there was written "Hello mr.McClane i am simon there is gonna be a bomb blast in the city at 9 o'clock don't think i am kidding i ain't no joker'' , the detective was curious about this person.He went to his HQ and showed this letter to his patner (steve a brown colour men with height about 5.4 and a mind as sharp and clever as a fox) he asked ''hey steve do you know any terorist names simon" his reply was "no,why" he explained him why. Then suddenly jhon's cell rang from an unknown number, a man called him up saying "there was a bomb blast in the city museum at 9 o'clock" jhon understood that simon as he call himself is a terorist. then there was call in steve's cell affraid of another bomb blast they picked it up."hello mr.McClane now you know i am a truth telling person i want to play a game"simon said,jhon asked "what kinda game... killing peoples",simon replied "no it will help you stop the another bomb blast that is yet to happen are you in ...

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