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Marketing Research
Chapter 14: William G. Zikmund
Attitude Scaling

An enduring disposition to
consistently respond in a given matter

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as Hypothetical Constructs

The term hypothetical construct is used
to describe a variable that is not
directly observable, but is measurable
by an indirect means such as verbal
expression or overt behavior - attitudes
are considered to be such variables.

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Three Components of an Attitude
• Affective
• Cognitive
• Behavioral

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The feelings or emotions toward an

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Knowledge and beliefs

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• Predisposition to action
• Intentions
• Behavioral expectations

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Measuring Attitudes


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The Attitude Measuring Process
Ranking - Rank order preference
Rating - Estimates magnitude of a characteristic
Sorting - Arrange or classify concepts
Choice - Selection of preferred alternative

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Ranking tasks require that the
respondent rank order a small
number of objects in overall
performance on the basis of some
characteristic or stimulus.
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Rating asks the respondent to estimate
the magnitude of a characteristic, or
quality, that an object possesses. The
respondent’s position on a scale(s) is
where he or she would rate an object.
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Sorting might present the respondent with
several concepts typed on cards and require
that the respondent arrange the cards i...

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