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14 Ba Mini Project Ay1415 S1 V4 Essay

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ITE3001 Information Technology Essentials – Services (Mini Project)

This Mini Project contributes 50% of total module marks.

The project consists of FOUR

parts (total 50%), students are required to complete Part 1, 2 & 4 with Microsoft Office 2010 and Part 3 with Google Sites tools.
Students are recommended to submit their completed works in TWO phases, of which penalty will be imposed to any kinds of late submission.
Phase I Submission (21-Nov-2014 5:00 pm):

Part 1 (15%), Part 2 (10%) and Part 3 (15%)
Upload your FOUR completed files (don't compress them) as follows: 





to Moodle via the assignment link "Mini Project – Phase I Submission". Penalty:

10% of total assessment marks will be deducted for those who have nil submission before Phase I deadline.

Phase II Submission (12-Dec-2014 5:00 pm):

Part 4 (10%)
Upload your ONE completed file (don’t compress them) as follows: 


to Moodle via the assignment link "Mini Project – Phase II Submission". Penalty:

ZERO marks will be given to the required parts of assessment for lateness. No submission is allowed after Phase II deadline.

All deadlines are strictly observed. Re-submission of Phase I works (i.e. Parts 1, 2 and 3) is allowed before Phase II deadline, but with lateness penalty applied.

Each student has to submit his/her own work. Plagiarism will be treated seriously. The result of this assessment will not be counted if you do not meet the minimum attendance requirement (if any) governed by the general academic regulations of your programme/course unless approval of the campus principal has been granted.

AY2014-15 (S1)

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ITE3001 Information Technology Essentials – Services (Mini Project) Background information of Mini Project
“Ocean Park” is a well-known theme park in Hong Kong.

The park has consistently

rejuvenated and reinvented itself to better serve its guests, establishing itself as a major tourist attraction both locally and abroad. Now, Ocean Park is planning to recruit talented students from local institutes to jo...

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