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14 Bymos Essay

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ASK YOURSELF #1: Do you have an attitude or tendency you would like to change?    
I would like to change my dependent tendency for other people.   
TEST YOURSELF #1: Driving to school one snowy day, Marco narrowly misses a car that slides  through a red li...

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1 14 2 add anonym arous ask attitud attribut aw behavior bymo candid car chang citi combin competit conform contenti cooki day demonstr depend didn drive driver engag error exampl exhibit experienc explain face fierc first follow friend fun fundament get give got hall hand hes influenc inform intersect later light like marco mask may meet might miss moment narrowli need obey one organ parent peopl person phenomenon plow polit principl provid psycholog red rememb road rule school similar situat slide slip slow snowi social style suggest support tendenc terribl test think town troubl two unit want wear week would wow yelp