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14 Days Euro Itinerary Essay

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Travel Itinerary via Eurail Global Pass

30th/9 Paris Hotel
Confirmed Booking- Smart Place Paris, Gare Nu Nord
Add: 28 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris, France | +33 (1) 48 78 25 15 | [email protected] (EUR 257.70)

Remark: Visiting Eiffel tower, Sacre Cour, Triumph de Arc, Lourve on 1th OCT 2013
Visiting Notre Dame on 2th OCT 2013

3rd/10 Paris to Rome- Easy Jet Flight booking reference: ELT1ZLZ Departure
Train type
Paris Orly (Terminal Sud)
Rome Flumicino (Terminal 2)
1h 55m
Euro 174.48 (2 pax)
Flight 4247

3th/10-5th/10 Rome Hotel (3days-2nights)
Confirmed Booking-Hello Bed & Breakfast, Rome Termini Station Add: 11 Firenze Street, Termini Central Station, Rome, Italy 00184 (5832.22THB)

Hello Bed and Breakfast Rome is conveniently located in the historic district of the Italian capital and offers excellent access to most of the city's famous attractions, be it on foot or by public transport. Here is a short list of some of the sights and their approximate corresponding distances from the ...

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