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14 Globalization A11 Essay

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Assessing and Responding To Globalization
Summary of Issues and Learning Outcomes 
Lesson Outcome

Inquiry Questions

Activity 11

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the extent that economic globalization impacts people, communities, and countries by writing a major response essay.
Is globalization inevitable?
To what extent is economic globalization desirable?
To what extent should we embrace globalization?
Are there alternatives to the process of globalization that we have examined to this point?

Values and
Attitudes Outcomes


exhibit a global consciousness with respect to the human condition


recognize and appreciate multiple perspectives that exist with respect to the relationships among politics, economics, the environment and globalization


recognize and appreciate impacts of globalization on the interdependent relationships among people, the economy and the environment


recognize and appreciate the impact of globalization on the quality of life of individuals and communities

4.10 evaluate means by which individuals, governments, organizations and businesses could address opportunities and challenges of globalization (proglobalization activism, anti-globalization activism, legislation, agreements, consumer activism, corporate responsibility)

Knowledge and
Understanding Outcomes


explore understandings of contemporary economic globalization


analyze economic challenges and opportunities of globalization (trade liberalization, foreign investment, economic growth, privatization, outsourcing, knowledge economy)


evaluate actions and policies associated with globalization that impact the environment (land and resource use, resource development agreements, environmental legislation)


analyze multiple perspectives on sustainability and prosperity in a globalizing world


explore various understandings of quality of life


analyze how globalization affects individuals and communities

Assessing and Responding To Globalization



Summary of Issues and Learning Outcomes cont. 
Key Skills

S.1.1 evaluate ideas and information from multiple sources
S.1.6 synthesize information from contemporary and historical issues to develop an informed position
S.1.9 analyze current affairs from a variety of perspectives S.2.7 develop a reasoned position that is informed by historical and contemporary evidence
S.2.9 use cu...

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